Who we are

From our core values to our shareholders, here's everything you need to know about us in one place.

Who We Are

We're a bunch of geeks

At our very core, we're just a bunch of people who really love technology. Our experience, passion and commitment enable us to help our clients with more than just normal, standard IT services. We're happy to help people leverage technology to become more flexible and efficient in their day-to-day operations.

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Our Values


We believe in proving simple, reliable and efficient IT services to our clients.As much as we love to talk to people, you won’t see us very much. That’s because are working hard behind the scenes to maintain your infrastructure and deal with problems before they happen through a PROACTIVE approach.

Our clients often tell us that they talk to our techs a lot less than other providers they’ve worked with in the past. As much as we like talking to our clients, we realize less contact is a good thing. We’re sure you’d rather be working on what you need to get done than deal with your missing word document or a file that just won’t print.

Here's a list of things we don't do and never will:

  • Selling unneeded solutions to our clients
    We work to minimize your onsite requirements.
  • Advising our clients to use antiquated solutions and concepts.
    We stay on top of industry best practices and only using enterprise grade solutions.
  • Pretending to have all the answers.
    As knowledgeable as we are, we don't know everything. What we will do is bring in trusted partners and services to help if needed.

Here’s some stuff our marketing people told us you might want to know:

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide friendly, proactive, knowledgeable, and simple IT service to companies of all sizes.

Our Vision: That companies everywhere have IT solutions that work for their needs.


  • We’re passionate and knowledgeable
    This is the number one value because really - it’s what you’re paying us for. We love what we do and for us, it’s fun to keep up with all the constant change in our industry.
  • We’re fun and friendly
    All of our staff take ongoing customer service training. We like taking the time to talk to our clients. And yes, we sometimes have cardboard tube light saber fights.
  • We’re frank
    If we think it, we’ll say it. That’s just how we roll.
  • We avoid BS
    Fear-based sales tactics are banished from our office. Jargon and overly complicated techno-speak makes us cringe. We believe there is always a way to explain what we do so that anyone can understand.
  • We’re proactive
    We like stopping problems before they start. We follow up with you after your call so that you’re not left wondering if your problem was solved. We’ll also call or message you sometimes just to see how you’re doing (see value #2).
  • We’re totally open
    Call us anytime and we’ll show you how the magic happens. We’ll even provide reports with fancy charts (if you want them).
  • We give back
    We might look like we’re all about the techie stuff, but we do our part and give back to our communities.
Our Team

Our Fearless Leader

To lead an organization like Optek requires the deepest levels of geekiness. Needing more then just a typical love of Star Wars, the core team leads by example with a passionate love of technology and many years of experience providing support.

Kevin Aebig
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin has over 20 years of IT experience in multiple industries protecting highly secure information, including over 15 years’ experience in enterprise level solutions & critical systems within the healthcare and financial industry. Kevin has a passion for all things technology and a knack for explaining technical terms in simple, clear, language. For a really interesting metaphor, ask him how servers are like puppies. He’s not that old – he just started really young. Really.