Support Services

How we support your organization

We've categorized the type of support we provide into 4 categories that are flexible enough to help any sized organization. From supporting your team when they need us to being your full IT department, we're happy to help in whatever way makes the most sense.

Involved, but not intrusive

Your business needs technology to operate, but we understand that you want IT to be in the background, and you want it to provide value so that you can work efficiently. That’s why we’re there for you when you need us.

Clear Communication

Clear, simple language. Our goal is to take something that clients sometimes don’t understand and use clear communications to take the mystery out of IT.

Full Service Desk

If you just want to focus on your business and let us handle all your IT requirements, this is the package for you. We take care of everything, proactively working in the background to prevent issues, and we’re there for you if you need help with something. We deliver service in a way that allows us to scale up and down your support based on features and usage in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand.

Hybrid / Partial Support

For organizations that have an existing support team, we can help by filling in any gaps. We play nice in the sandbox with anyone.

Backup Service Desk

Maybe your team member wants to take a vacation without the phone ringing on the fishing boat. Or you want backup in case members of your team get sick.

Added Capabilities

There are many different kinds of geeks, and we all have different talents and areas we specialize in. Your existing IT team might want a resource to work with for special projects, ongoing support or for problem solving.

Gateway Help Desk

Just need someone there to answer the phone? Simplify your internal IT department and allow our team to handle your initial support requests and escalate them appropriately to the right people.

We can even handle the simple, repetitive stuff, such as password resets. This offloads some of the burden from your internal team, allowing them to focus on handling high-level concerns.

Remote Field Service

Does your remote site need physical IT help, but you don’t have an on-site support person? Many services can be supported remotely, but sometimes you need boots on the ground to push the right button. We can help by providing the tools and the support from one of our remote contractors to one of your people on site, saving expensive travel costs.